Hungry Shark Evolution - All 15 Halloween Pumpkin Locations -

Hungry Shark Evolution – All 15 Halloween Pumpkin Locations

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  1. Clickbait says "all 15 pumpkin locations" and only shows where his are smh

  2. cant find the one in the angler cave. plz help its my last pumpkin

  3. @ Coolj265… do you have the map? it's on the far left towards the bottom

  4. I found 10 without the treasure map

  5. right now I am going to get the big dady

  6. if u collect all pumpkins u get some kind of skeleton head its like bomb

  7. hey i got all then the death ball spawed then what do u have to do?

  8. i found got the death ball but where is the drath ball located

  9. I hit 25 fishes with the skull and it's exploded

  10. I don't have the treasure map but because of your video I found on 15 pumpkins and I still don't have the treasure map but thank you so much bagoyee

  11. The 15th pumpkin is near the daily reward place

  12. i swear i went to all the places under the ocean everywhere! but i still have 14!!!!!!

  13. Hi Bagoyee can you let me know if there are any apps for android where I can record my screen gaming? like how you record your Hungry shark evo games? Thank you

  14. I didn't even need a treasure map it was pretty for me without the map

  15. I can't find the 14th one the tunnel pumpkin won't spawn

  16. +bagoyee it did not take me a long time it only took me like 2 min

  17. The punk in spawned at the same places at mine I just finished the event today

  18. All of the pumpkins are in the same place because I found the pumpkin in Big Daddy's cave

  19. can someone teach me hack in hungry shark evolution no offers in tablet

  20. What happen when you found tthe 15 pumkins and then the 25/25 on the skull ?

  21. Юля Волчецкая says:


  22. Cheater noob not challenge noob always use cheat pro never use cheat noob

  23. I have fully maxed sharkjira
    The pumpkins won't appear if you equip the vortex
    On my tablet
    I found pumpkins in different places with different sharks,
    Mr snappy was different, there was a pumpkin above a air launch, and the entrance to the crab
    But jira they were in different places
    I didn't buy the treasure map, I play too much
    But I got the pumpkins and received a skull located on the surface of the water, it's indestructible and useless
    But I love scoping around.

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