How to get coins fast hungry shark evolution -

How to get coins fast hungry shark evolution

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Its been a while since I uploaded but now I’m back

Btw i did 10 mins because I’m not waiting 20 mins to do this but it works trust me


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  1. Me:ez use kraken
    Reason: it kills every thing if u boost also I got 150million coins in 30minutes it feels like the kraken is way to op

  2. I have every shark but dark hammer is the one which helped me I leveled up the next sharks then played with darhammer to collect more coins
    Trust me the gold rush is so quick that you will blow the game

  3. my guy I got 77k for jus playing for abt 15min…helps alot man,u deserve my sub👍 (watched an ad) og amount was abt 34k 🥲🙂

  4. The darkhammer is hella overpowered definetly top 10

  5. Don't ever purchase the tiger shark's evolution it is bad the dark hammer head shark is absolutely broken

  6. Thank you i got 96,000(×2) in 25min.

  7. There are two methods you can get gold fast one is using the evolve hummer head and two using a electric shark that's the two methods

  8. We need coin for darkhammer to get coin

  9. You need to upgrade your speed and boost and bite that well be faster to get more coins

  10. One time with this shark i got like 67k coins, very op shark

  11. "How to get coins fast"

    Meanwhile the amount of coins required to get Dark Hammerhead: 40 fucking thousand

  12. confusing and i have sharkjira and magmajira so uhh thanks for the video but not helpful to me

  13. Ummm or you could donit with kraken i just got 43k in 9 min

  14. thank you bro i got 58k coins in 22 minutes❤❤

  15. If you have the nuclear ability and you get a gold rush activate the nuclear ability and just run through everything

  16. 4:00 Bonus tip: watch ads to multiply your coins 2x

    Thx for the tip man,im looking forward to unlock mr snappy and i was grinding "Big Daddy aka Dunkleosteus" and im at 186340 coins

  17. Can you tell me how to get the evolution of hammerhead because i always die in the great white shark

  18. Guys dont believe this.
    This is quite a good farm for begginers but later on its horrible.
    Use this set (for endgame people)
    I did a gold farm with sharknarok.
    My items was:
    Anniversary 3rd and 2nd items
    Baby king
    Baby pirate
    Shark week chest
    Total 220 % + gold.
    I dont remember if i used gold ring or no but i might have used it.

    In 1 match of 20 mins i got 700 k gold
    3 matchs = 1 hour.
    700 k × 3 2.1 m

    2.1 million a hour!!! Look at my video i showed proof

  19. I did this with abysshark and got 220k in a 20 minute run

  20. Bro y tf does jet pack on dark hammer look so goofy 💀💀

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