how to defeat giant crab in Hungry Shark Evolution -

how to defeat giant crab in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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Note : All you need to do is hit Giant Crab on his Chest after 3 times interval ! #Defeated Giant Crab by TIGER SHARK!!
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  1. How many gems do you get for killing 8t?

  2. I have the second strongest shark yet I cannot kill

  3. Was i the only one as a child who would play this and than go into the crab cave and get way to scared of the king crab

  4. Well to be sure whit every one else
    The krabs maximum hits Are up to 3 and if he hits you then he will try to hit you 2 more Times and then ignores you for a little and then goes back to hitting and you need to hit him 3 Times after you moveing to diffrent stages there Are 3 stages:green,orange,redish orange and the Last red

  5. Bro thanks if i could send a screenshot or video here i would have shown you me losing as a luminite lvl 2 with a baby luminite a assasin shark shark signal 1 robot shark shark signal 2 volcano/flame shark signal 3 i think it was pyro or alien

  6. There are ways to defeat the giant 🦀
    Speed, Dodge and Counter atack

  7. i am out of food every time

  8. I use to be able to but I haven’t play in years and I mean YEARSSS AND I FORGOT

  9. So what is the hp that u need to defeat it

  10. Bruh i cant even defeat this dude with the megaladon, i keep starving to death

  11. Strange when I remember I’m a whole lot better than the creator of the game

  12. Haha I did the exact same thing but I got hungry so I died 🙁 I'll try to evolve my Hammerhead shark or buy another shark to kill this crab thanks!

  13. ★•*the bi cat*•★ says:

    Really that I'm beat him really fast -_-

  14. I have the last shark but idk how to beat the crab

  15. I think the crab in the cave is mr crabs brother mr crabs feels it how now to be get beaten

  16. I can’t defeat it with mako shark so maybe it will work with hammerhead shark?

  17. I haven’t played that game in along time

  18. 600x I killed boss crab lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  19. I feel like this game was made In 2012 before I was born In 2013

  20. megalodon is the biggest greatest shark WHY IS IT SMALL IN HUNGRY SHARK?

  21. Wow thank you finnally i can defeat him it took time for me to try kiling him thank you😃😃😃😃😃

  22. Is it possible to kill it without the crab fork?

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