GREAT WHITE SHARK - Hungry Shark Evolution games -

GREAT WHITE SHARK – Hungry Shark Evolution games

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Hungry Shark Evolution android gameplay with the Great White Shark level 10 in the game.

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  1. I wonder if that thing could eat the giant crab from the cave deep down

  2. He is play as great white shark i like and i play hungry shark evo i got great white shark

  3. This guy is so lucky that the megalodon didn't spawn in that place where the fishing boat, cage and the harpoon boat is found
    Edit- my highscore with great white shark is 36,231,540 see if u can beat my high score.

  4. Do Tiger shark vs weak invaders nice video

  5. खा खा के बहुत मोटी हो गई है 😀😀😀😂

  6. Cyborg Franky(can I get 300 subs without vids?) says:

    I have a glitch where all sharks are the same health

  7. The most beautiful shark in hungry shark evolution

  8. Anti Rex 3000 The Legendary Dinosaur Shark YT says:

    Hes Strong And And Literally A Downgrade Version Of Megalodon

  9. I'm sorry friend i think it's my bad.

  10. Very nice,I passed that shark means I got megalodon already

  11. Ive already unlocked this shark and very soon I’m going to unlock the MEG

  12. I got mako shark on 1 day i got a hammerhead shark on 1 day i got a tiger shark on tomorow

  13. i'm on my grandmas computer hi i'm autumn I LOVE THIS GAME I PLAY IT ALMOST EVERYDAY I'M A PRO AT PLAYING THAT GAME

  14. Great white sux now cuz of the upd his health is little not like the old

  15. I play this game in 2013, now is so beautiful and good, tanks hangry shark

  16. Hey, whats better Great White Shark or Electro Shark?

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