FIRE SHARK!! || Hungry Shark Evolution - Ep 22 HD -

FIRE SHARK!! || Hungry Shark Evolution – Ep 22 HD

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Out of all the newly released sharks I have to say this is the best. It can fly, breathe fire and also launch a huge meteor strike… whats not to love???

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Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure.
Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way!
Many different sharks to collect and evolve, including the Hammerhead, Great White and Megalodon!


  1. Hi james would u like to be one of the special sharks,which one would it be

  2. Hungry shark is getting riskier and riskier oh no better need to heat things up

    Pyro shark: hey I can help

    Ok fine

    Hungry shark us getting easier and easier yay 🙌

    My favourite food : king crab fry 😋 😍 🦀 and lobster 🦞 😋

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    Pyro shark is fire ocean is water how it can live there it support to live in lava

    And ops #pyroshark #beaverdidit

  3. acidentally clicks on an ad

    Beaver: “BOOOOOOOO-“

  4. "Their heads popped open like popcorn haha yeee"-beaver 2016

  5. I think a great white shark got stuck in ice and became the ice shark

  6. It might be magnesium because it's so hot that water cant even burn it

  7. can you burn the plain

  8. That's not fire shark that's pyro shark

  9. Normal sharks: special abilities, boost, and other stuff
    Enemy Shark: T a i l W h i p

  10. You said that it was a great white that got lost in the artic, but we still don't know why it breathes ice breath

  11. I remember when this shark came out… TIME GOES TOO FAST WTF

  12. You can't boost with your elemental sharks

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