Evolving into Massive Sharks to Devour Everything - Hungry Shark Evolution - hungrysharkevolution.net

Evolving into Massive Sharks to Devour Everything – Hungry Shark Evolution

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  1. ive never seen Drae before lol and i didnt know what i thought he looked like but it sure isnt this haha jk jk 🙂

  2. I wasn't expecting google play to sponsor this, was expecting ubisoft

  3. Really good job showing off the hours you need to grind to get to that point, or showing the pay to win mechanics of hungry shark

  4. Blitz: Solar Smash, a game about smashing planets and people.
    Drae: Yeah nothing wrong about that.

    Gray: My people?

  5. mans said "OG fans would know how Drae looks like way back. When he used to be called Draegast.

    i still type in dreagast in the search bar xD

  6. WoW iS iT fAcE rEvEaL wHaT (also I comment this on blitz vid lol)

  7. When blitz said he got solar smash I was playing solar smash

  8. Normally live your content, but have to say this particular video was super cringy 🙃

  9. Drae, you look like you lost weight, doing good

  10. this feels very forced and unnatural.. not a fan

  11. These sharks look like what happens when Flava Flav and radioactive waste are dumped into an ocean together.

  12. Holly sh*t Drae!!!!!! Youre looking great!! Wife and I still watch you, Its Donald btw, 7 yearsish strong! Love you and stay funny!!

  13. Does anyone else gain extreme joy by seeing him every once in a while

  14. Omg I remember this game i used to play this so much

  15. Just started this game yesterday after a while and im almost at the megladon thanks yo the dark hammer head, glad i came back

  16. Did this dude lose weight? Or did he get a haircut

  17. anyone else think that drae looks like mittensquad with a beard?

  18. Hearthstone is NOT strategy. That is casual colony sim/builder game. wtf is wrong with you man.

  19. Good old times when i was playing this game 24/7…. then i got bored and started cheating

  20. Google must have payed a lot for this lol

  21. I won't lie before watching this video about 6 months ago I tried playing hungry shark evo again (since I hadn't played it in like 4 years) and I just COULD NOT get into it with how much it had changed I just DO NOT like the new style

  22. I know im cheating but its just a game yea its ez but its fun and just that but youre wasting money if you don't have a mod its a kids game ok im not judging but its for everyone

  23. its like his getting gun point to do this ad, so not him

  24. Did you just call Heartstone a strategy game?

  25. Why did i always imagine drae having a sweet ass beard

  26. You two are a riot playing games. Keep up the vids.

  27. Oh shit this is the first time I’ve seen his face

  28. If you were low on money, you could have just shouted out your patreon instead of shilling out to Google, dude.

  29. It's always nice watching my favorite youtuber draega–I mean drae 🙂

    I wonder how many people got that.

  30. I wish he did face cam regularly

    Also so long since I saw his face for new people he did one like 4 or 5 years ago i think

  31. From being someone who was around for his first face revel to now he has changed so much he’s lost a lot of weight and is that some grey hairs I see ?

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