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Evolution of Shark Games 1978 2020

Evolution of Games
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Evolution of Shark Games 1978-2020


Sea Hunt 1978
Shark Attack! 1981
Shark! Shark! 1982
Jaws Revenge 1983
Jaws 1987
VGA Sharks 1990
Shark! Hunting the Great White 2001
Jaws Unleashed 2006
Shark or Die 2010
Jaws: Ultimate Predator 2011
Hungry Shark Evolution 2012
Depth 2 2014
Hungry Shark World 2015
Angry Shark 2016
Hungry Shark World 2018
Maneater 2020


  1. somewhere exist yet 1 best old shark game, which here in this video is not… :´( I have big depresse of which.. Where this game only is..?!!

  2. I remember hungry shark evolution with electric shark it has changed now

  3. Best games jaws unleashed and maneater

  4. Angry shark????? Bro what the actual fuck is that doing here ?

  5. Dud you forgot about that shark game wen you play as a humen and the shark is trying to kill you you need to kill it with bombs i forgot what is calld

  6. Missing Shark Hunter on the MSX. One of the darkest Game Over scenes I ever saw…

    … and… uhm… the first official Jaws game?

  7. I still don't see the shark game anywhere..

    Clues: you picked about 4 sharks in that game, they only ate other sharks, it looked like an aquarium, it wasn't an animated game, not even a modern one, it's like 15 or 20 years old, there was a crunch, after which the shark glowed like a ray, it was like 2D, there was only the sound of water in the aquarium and crunching.. you ate small sharks or fish, you avoided big ones. Those sharks appeared randomly and swam left and right, not up or down, or only exceptionally in the later levels of the game.. The shark grew and grew and as he ate them all, he was all over the screen and also after each meal his movement was slower.

    You miss this shark game here and it was the best..!! Please does anyone have any idea what that old shark computer game was..? Her name.

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