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evolution of megalodon in hungry shark evolution

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  1. Now is Meg smaller than in 2017 but i still love this game so much, my whole childhood is this game 🎮 🦈

  2. Que raro ami no me sale sangre despues de matar peces tiburones o humanos 🤨

  3. فيديو جيد على الرغم من أنني لا أجد فرقًا في جميع الميغالودون

  4. 2017 hungry shark evolution is the most nostalgic and best for me

  5. I think the old one is the best it brings me back

  6. he really got small isnt he i maxed him and then hes the same size as 2014

  7. the ogs remember when his health bar is a little bit close to the points

  8. No wonder why the megalodon is getting small-

  9. Woah i didnt know that megalondon are big on evo shark

  10. I love the old hungry shark evolution which like old joysticks no glitches 😍 and more bloods 🤤😌

  11. I like the older versions than the new one. The new menu and other stuff like the joystick are ruined now.

  12. He didnt got smal, the camera is just more zoomed out so you can see more around you

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