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evolution of hungry shark evolution shop

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  1. Why do I have like a 2019 version can someone explain

  2. How happy was me when I unlocked megladon playing hours during summer vacationsThis was the first game that i played the mod version from Google

  3. man i loved the 2015 UI why can't they allow us to switch back to it?

  4. When I used to play this game using megalodon, I felt it was big, but now it's small

  5. In 2019 they downgraded the whole game, presumably to make people play the newer one but i returned expecting nostalgia and all i got was a slap in the face and a downgrade, I hate that they did this

  6. When the great white use to be the biggest now we have a freaking behemoth

  7. I preffer the new one cause you dont See only the hear of the helpers and thoose shells doesnt exist anymore but I muss the labotary

  8. I wish I could play the 2014 – 2016 version again….It makes me so nostalgic and the new ui looks so bad now that I feel like crying….

  9. I kind of remembered how I played Shark in 2014…How I Achieved My Career Finished off Megalodon and now the game is just so disgusting…There used to be a museum of the excavation laboratory, and now what the hell have the laboratories of the excavation museum been removed and also the old background and pumping…To be honest, I have a Behemoth shark, but without breaking, because I’m not interested in playing with breaking, I can’t leave my favorite game of my childhood and I remember how happy I bought Alan’s shark, but why the hell did they remove Alan's map because it was such a cool map, God, developers, you are spoiling the game too much…

  10. i was playing this game long ago that was like electrick shark

  11. I liked the old ui and snow map better tbh but gats just my opinion

  12. It peaked at 2015 but now sadly you can unlock god sharks/beat the game for 1$ every 24 hours also the alien planet is gone now. The sharks, now, are dumb, like the tiger shark looks like something you would see in a kids show when you upgrade it they need to remove all the stuff what happened to the professor in the special sharks area, the buttons are all modern and ugly it's like a modern car economized not stylized It died in 2019-2020 R.I.P it will be missedThe devs went kid friendly did you notice all the upgrades for the sharks they became hungry shark world sharks that cartoon style it's killing their fans appealing to the kids with their dads credit card not the 13s with their dads credit card I quit a little bit after the seal pup update because I got bored when I came back it was horrifying

  13. the game feels very cheap now that the new ui has been applied

  14. i miss the old hungry shark qhere the special

  15. Que nostalgia el hungry shar de antes ;-;

  16. Como extraño el anterior hungry shark evolution

  17. Purtroppo l'ho dovuto disinstallare, ma cosa non farei per giocarci di nuovo e soprattutto riavere la vecchia versione

  18. Che nostalgia, io giocavo a hungry shark dal 2013
    Che bei ricordi

  19. I personally think the old ui was way better

  20. My record in this game is 2 bilion and 147 milion points, the video is in my channel. 😉😎

  21. Those times when Megalodon was at the top of the food chain

  22. I started when alan was the strongest and played with my dad i stopped playing about when leo came out i wish i could rewind time because now the menu sucks they got rid of the fossils the spinning sharks being able to take pictures of the shark theres to many sharks.

  23. Pregunta xq sigo con la actualización del 2019 y no se me actualiza nunca, lo borré muchísimas veces y aun así no se me actualiza

  24. Me and my brother find this game at 2015 we play it and my brother is bored at it so unstall it but im stuck at tiger shark so i quit too but in 2019 im back so thats my journey to this game

  25. Now so many sharks hhaha i got all i think?

  26. I miss that raw style that was there before until 2019, the old background, even the graphic style that wasn't so cartoonish today, the special shark laboratory and even the shop where there were skins or objects like the Jetpack or even the puppies
    In my opinion it would be nice to redo everything as before with that raw style and the graphics even the rough but better one (like a remastered one) but not in cartoon style and with all the sharks and the evolutions of some sharks that are there until today

  27. I remember when the max shark is great white shark

  28. There slowly ruining the game and things have gotten so much worse

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