Eat SHARKS to EVOLVE | Hungry Shark Evolution -

Eat SHARKS to EVOLVE | Hungry Shark Evolution

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Eat SHARKS to EVOLVE | Hungry Shark Evolution w/ BeckBroJack


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  1. I playd this but… i delet it and i redownload it with.. cheats

  2. You need to reach 10 Then you will get an Bigger shark

  3. beach Godzilla has a atomic breath in hungry shark

  4. You aren’t some people are already passed a Godzilla shark upgraded it past the key to the Cracken

  5. Back bro jack I did you get so much germs when you went to the ball I don't know the game to what I want to do for the other get so much

  6. Back bro jack oh did you get that much gems when you go into the Pardon Cardel

  7. Abysshark, Kraken, Luminite, and Behemoth

  8. To beat the big giant snake you should do the mega mega mega mega mega shark megalodon Godzilla

  9. مابيلا جيمنج Mabella Gaming says:


  10. My son is a fan of you and watches your videos all day and night and he unlocked the behemoth too and it was a cool bro thank you for some tips and tricks to help buy the behemoth

  11. Hello. fresh😁😁😍🤤🤤🤩🤩👻👻👻👻👻👻 You're the award such a videos are so good 🏆🏆 👻👻👻👻

  12. The behemoth is a bigger shark than the Shark ziller

  13. Autally it’s not multiplayer It’s ai lol

  14. I didnt like instead subscribe but i will like now

  15. I have hundred million sharks in a game

  16. Metro jack I am your biggest fan and my cousin is your biggest fan too

  17. im sorry but i am a shark so no likes for you

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