BEHEMOTH unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution -

BEHEMOTH unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Behemoth unlocked and max upgrades reached in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. Belemouth is king of the ocean, i mean the envolved version of behemoth 😅

  2. 1:03 Shark Recreated 9/11(ik this is a messed up joke pls dont hate)

  3. This dude keeps wasting his gold rush ability

  4. would you swin in ths water for 100m dollars 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🐡🥕

  5. This shark is awesome, i got my highest score with this shark. This is one of the best sharks in my list, along with Sharknarok, Kraken, Alan and Mr. Snappy.

  6. I'm currently using the Behemoth. So far it is good. Kraken is still the best. Hope the game developer will expand the the ocean for huge monster or release a HUGE Megalodon. Haha

  7. ๖ۣۜ𝚃𝚞𝚌𝚑𝚎 𝙵∆𝙽 says:

    Im coming to the game!!! Thanks for the notice :3 I love you

  8. Im at max level with abyssaurus and i still cannot buy the Behemoth With coins

  9. I got these in 125 diamond
    Edit:thank you for 39 likes let's reach 50

  10. Behemoth VS Sharkjira King Kong VS Godzilla

  11. I Unlocked this Shark Easy!🎮🎮😎😎

  12. What wait are does real players it's been years i never play this game i miss it

  13. are u a left hander..cuz the hold the joystick in the left

  14. I m bad feeling about abysshark it's my favorite shark

  15. Behemoth is basically a combination of Sharkjira, Megalodon, and Dwayne Johnson.😂🤣

  16. Guys I just got Behemoth last night for 125 gems…

  17. the sea graphics are not good enough, and the fishes seem stiff, maybe they made this game on an outdated platform.

  18. The behemoth is probably the best shark ability wise, imo

  19. i see that you get 165, 572, 938 points with behemoth and i try to do my best and i get 248, 560, 974 points 🤨

  20. If you buy this 125 gem but you still can use it

  21. Behemoth really reminds me of Leatherback from Pacific Rim

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