ALL SHARKS in Hungry Shark Evolution (New Evolved Sharks) -

ALL SHARKS in Hungry Shark Evolution (New Evolved Sharks)

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Hungry Shark Evolution All sharks gameplay including New Evolved sharks Abyssaurus, Aaron and Shar-Khan in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. Yo guys which one do you guys think i should buy next luminite or behemoth both was on sales though pls tell me all the strenght and weakness between them

  2. Lord Snappy, Leo, Kraken and ? Is One of My OP Sharks

  3. I realised that when I first time played the Behemoth it’s really slow and it takes time to get gold rush.

  4. No me gusta para nada😩😩😩🤗🤗

  5. No me gusta para nada😩😩😩🤗🤗

  6. No me gusta para nada😩😩😩🤗🤗

  7. Abyss shark tail is more better in movement than it’s evolved version the Abyssaurus

  8. I love this video its long and fun it must took u time to do the edit and play

  9. In my opinion aaron the destructor is much worse than alan

  10. BadlandsChugsNiggerNiggaMattDickHeadDickie says:

    Please tell me how you get sharkjira level 20 please reply me

  11. FGOL should fix Aaron because his bite power is not good he can't eat anything during gold rush, I hope in the future update they fix it.

  12. Its very hard to level up those sharks how did you level up they fast?

  13. Excuse me, guys, which one do you think i should i buy and evolve next Mr Snappy or Alan.
    Please tell me the strength and weakness between them (which one is faster, better bite, etc..). Thanks a lot, Sharkers

  14. Sharkgirra and the abys shark are way too powerful

  15. I love luminite it power so powerful it fly went it boost so hight no one kill me

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