ALL SHARK SIZE COMPARISON LEVEL 1 vs 10 vs 20. Magmajira & Lord Snappy | Hungry Shark Evolution -

ALL SHARK SIZE COMPARISON LEVEL 1 vs 10 vs 20. Magmajira & Lord Snappy | Hungry Shark Evolution

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It takes 4 days to complete this content, I hope everyone likes it.

All Shark Level 1 & All Shark Level 10 & All Shark Level 20 Size Comparison.
Including Magmajira, Lord Snappy, and Darkhammer.

All Sharks:
Reef Shark
Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger Shark
Great White Shark
Big Daddy
Mr. Snappy
Moby Dick
Lord Snappy

Music: In-Game Music

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  1. Why there's so many cheater in hungry shark evolution

  2. Sharks are great and cute but humans are ugly and I I eat humans

  3. How long did it take you too fully max level all the Sharks and it would have taken a long long time and lot of money and gems 😂👍. Nice vid too

  4. I'm thinking that instead of the crab as the boss, make it a mechasharkjira. and on the surface, there's a platform where King Kong is standing. and there would be graphics Kong roaring at the water and if you thermal blast the platform, Kong will jump in the water. just like in the movie.

  5. I think there's no change for the sharks' size although they have different levels (I mean in the main menu) 🤔😀

  6. really loved this video seems like alot of work thanks 🙂

  7. Gosh it took me so long grinding for magmajira gonna need to level up it now

  8. Hello! Im a Hungry shark World Youtuber! i have a Question: What Recorder Did you Use To make This Masterpiece?

  9. Go to a Hungry Shark and you go to The Arctic Ocean and you can find frozen Alan

  10. Sharkjira actually looks than Magmajira ngl

  11. Me after looking how the shark sizes are different by leveling up: 0.1+ IQ

  12. No such thing as level 20 in the thumbnail but a level 10 magmajira is basically a level 20 sharkjira

    Edit:well no there I’d such thing when I got lvl10 magma

  13. Thumbnail be like: Don’t you ever talk to me and my son ever again

  14. Hungry shark ruined there game what did they do 🙁

  15. Godzilla shark: Bullys baby godzilla shark.
    Baby Godzilla shark: He bully me
    Burning Godzilla Shark: get lost boy
    Godzilla shark:Sorry Sir
    Godzilla shark:Oh no iam dead now

  16. Sharkjira is freaking huge when he is at maxed level. Seriously him at level 20 makes regular sharkjira look like a joke.

  17. Bro how did you reach level 20 using magma jira? I literally can't reach the max level with nagmajira no matter how much fish and sharks he eats I have played the game countless times using magma jira but he still won't level up.

  18. Эх раньше кракен у меня был а теперь после того когда случайно удалил игру у меня его не стало

  19. Is it just me or the sharks are the same size in the video?

  20. Haha like you got the first hungry shark the dark hammer I got dark hammer it can eat jelly fish and great white shark

  21. I remember playing this game on it's first release

  22. BadlandsChugsNiggerNiggaMattDickHeadDickie says:

    How you make hammerhead shark level 20 pls reply

  23. BadlandsChugsNiggerNiggaMattDickHeadDickie says:

    How you get level 20 sharkjira please tell me 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  24. Ese es un tonto juego prefiero Hungrí shark

  25. The reef baby is so freakin small I can barley see it

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