All Real Life Hungry Shark Evolution Size Comparison | @dragonheartgaming123 -

All Real Life Hungry Shark Evolution Size Comparison | @dragonheartgaming123

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Hello, friends! It’s me, Dragon Heart! Today I uploaded the video of Hungry Shark Evolution and we relate into real life again! Unfortunately, the sharks demonstrated in the video are in silhouette. You wanna know how these sharks look like in real life, check this out on this link right here 👉👉👉 [Link]. Let’s talk about the video, this time, we demonstrate how big Is the sharks in real life! Let’s see and check it out!

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Sources Gathered:

Gray Reef Shark –

Mako Shark – .

Hammerhead Shark – q=feet+to+meters&rlz=1C9BKJA_enPH911PH911&oq=feet+to+meters&aqs=chrome..69i57j6j0i512l4.2981j0j7&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Dark Hammer Shark (Hefescualo) – (Hypothetical)

Tiger Shark –

Shar-Khan (Sabertooth Shark) – (Hypothetical)

Great White Shark – .

Megalodon –

Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) – . ||||| .

Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) –

Lord Snappy (Therionsaurus – Evolved Mosasaurus – 11.8 – 17.3 meters (Longest Mosasaurus in meters) –

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds – (Hypothetical)

Aaron, the Destruktor – (Hypothetical)

Moby Dick (Livyatan) – .

Leo (Liopleurodon) –

Nessie (Plesiosaur) –

Sharkjira (Godzilla) – ‘s,heard%20from%203%20miles%20away%2C ||||| (Fictional Creature – Hypothetical Size)

Magmajira (Thermonacular Godzilla) – 274 meters (Head to tail) – Different form which the size is still the same – Godzilla#:~:text=Legendary%20confirmed%20that%20their%20Godzilla’s,heard%20from%203%20miles%20away%2C ||||| (Fictional Creature – Hypothetical Size)

Abysshark (Shark from the depths) – (Hypothetical)

Abyssaurus Rex, King of the Abyss – (Hypothetical)

Kraken (Cephalopod Shark) – (Hypothetical, according to mythical studies)

Luminite (Narralliclyus) – (Hypothetical)

Behemoth (Leather Back – Pacific Rim) – ||||| (Fictional Creature – Hypothetical Size)

Electric Shark – (Hypothetical)

Ice Shark – (Hypothetical)

Robo Shark Can Vary – (Hypothetical)

Ghost Shark – (Hypothetical)

Natasha the Narwhal – 4 to 5 meters (Without tusk); 7 to 8 meters (With Tusk) –

Sharkeleon – (Hypothetical)

Pyro Shark – (Hypothetical)

Wereshark – (Hypothetical)


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