All Hungry Shark main theme be like: -

All Hungry Shark main theme be like:

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  1. Hungry shark world has the best no cap

  2. I’d remember these the nostalgia of the the first 2

  3. Damn. The trilogy theme hits so hard. Also HSE and HSW hits hard too. And HSN3D as well.

  4. Nice. Planning to do a similar video with every HS song in the franchise.

  5. What’s the name of the first video ? (For hungry shark trilogy)

  6. Millionaires when they hear this in theye submarine:

  7. Hungry shark primal: music from the elevator 😐

  8. Your just at the beach and you hear this sound

  9. Imagine Your In The Titan Submarine And You See A Shark Then The HSE Theme Song Starts Playing

  10. The original trilogy's theme just hits different when it's compared to the more rad themes from the newer games.

    But damn Hungry Shark Night 3D's theme is just absolutely badass. I'd have to listen to an extended version, the very few seconds alone ruled.

  11. Evolutions one just hit different when ever you opened it after school just so good

  12. Hungry shark Evolution Theme is Just Epic i miss this game 😭😭😭😭

  13. Hungry shark trilogy is creepy, but beautiful

  14. Dan ganas de hacer ejercicio con el tema del world 👌

  15. HS 1 – Serious
    HSN – Rock
    HSE – Intense Chase
    HSW – Breakdance

  16. Hungry shark evolution theme is like you walking down a hall while being serious

  17. I actually thinkthe world one is my favourite.

  18. Bro hungry shark night 3D is like rock music but I prefer the fucking banger of evolution’s theme🔥🔥

  19. Ah the old days when hungry shark Evo was the best game 😞😞

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