All Evolved Sharks gameplay! Hungry Shark Evolution -

All Evolved Sharks gameplay! Hungry Shark Evolution

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All Evolved Sharks in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. For my opinion, darkhammer is the best, it can summon minions hammerhead sharks and it can break rock when it's gold rush,
    I'm getting gold rush after gold rush all the time

  2. Here is my ranking

    Sharkhan < DarkHammer < Lord Snappy < Aaron < Abyssaurus < Magmajira

    How did you get 73 million with Snappy and 13 with Aaron?, to me, l get about the same score, like 50 to 100 million with the 2.

    Actually, l get more with Aaron.

  3. Most of people don’t like the shar khan but it’s my favorite among all the evolved shark

  4. when I evolved hammerhead, I had a blast.
    submarines were no longer as scary as when I was an 8 year old playing as reef shark & exploring a little too deep
    but who cares, even reef sharks can destroy submarines


  6. I git darkhammer, magmajira and abyssaurus rex

  7. Being better then Megalodon while having very low health drain is the Dark Hanmers best strength. DHH is the best imo just cuz it has low health drain and it gets gold rushes often

  8. Ever since the UI changed for this game, I haven't played since. I miss old Hungry Shark Evo. where back then Alan was the best shark 🙁

  9. When I'm going to buy the abysshark when i have 125 gems i will Evolve it.but the video was cool🦈🦈

  10. Dark hammer is a good shark to use because he's the on that makes me get behemoth and my goal is to get magmajira this is going to be so hardddd cuz I have like 11 gems I try my best and I have shar khan he is really not that good to use magamjira look so sick and abyssarus rex looks sick I rather get magmajira that force field around him destroys everything when it touches the force field fire

  11. if ur new to the game then darkhammar is the best!! i keep getting gold rush after gold rush insane!

  12. Shark kahn shoukd have a flaming body during gold rush.
    Probably much better

  13. Here are my most op sharks in the game :
    1. Lord Snappy
    2. Magmajira
    3. Aaron ( the destruktor )
    4. Abbysarous Rex
    5. Behemoth ( Kaiju Beast )
    6. Wereshark
    7. Sharkjira
    8. Megalodon
    9. Pyro Shark
    10. Ice shark
    11. Electro Shark

    So those are my 11 most op sharks in Hungry shark evolution

  14. friendly tip: keep ur darkhammer and DONT buy shark khan hes very useless just get it to level ten then use dark hammer to get better sharks

  15. The first three abbysasuarus and Sharkjira and aaron all are fatter evolved

  16. like how this shark game was a good game

  17. i love how the stranger things shark is a demogorgon and evolved into a mind flayer shark

  18. Just like you can get 100k coins to it just farm

  19. We’ve all ran away from a bigger shark but chased it back down once we got gold rush 😭

  20. I have dark hammer and that shar khan

  21. So geil brutal geil geiler geht nicht zu krank Bruder schwöre mein Sohn feiert

  22. Thanos asparagu sonkey monkond gamer 577 says:

    Btw,the shark-khan clips are using a mod,ingame shark-khan isn't that big

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