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A NEW MONSTER COMING SOON ?! – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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A NEW MONSTER COMING SOON ?! – Hungry Shark Evolution


  1. bro ngl its probably tail and I think It's looks like ghidorah's tail but I dont think It's ghidorah

  2. it could be an evolution of lumnite or might be another kaiju shark

  3. olha se você não me ama então não me liga says:

    Tubarão novoooooo

  4. Who will be stronger
    This new shark or behemoth?

  5. I'm aware that is a Sea Nightmare Shark for me.
    But I'm not sure that New Shark might be weaker than Behemoth it possible!!😩😫
    Because Abyssal Shark is weaker than Shin Sharkjira and Cosmic Alan in my opinion.

  6. That New Shark 2022 Update will be released on September 12th 2022 I guess.

  7. That New Shark 2022 will be my 2nd Favorite Shark and Behemoth is my 1st Favorite Shark Hungry Shark Evolution.

  8. クラーケン(タコ型のサメ)ch says:

    I'm not scared The Cool Shark。 The New Monster Shark

  9. The bloop? It makes similiar sound. I hope it is the bloop

  10. It's just me or is that a tail?! This new mysterious shark seems… longer.


  12. This reminds me that this could be another boss or another shark monster.

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