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A NEW MONSTER COMING SOON ?! – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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A NEW MONSTER COMING SOON ?! – Hungry Shark Evolution


  1. bro ngl its probably tail and I think It's looks like ghidorah's tail but I dont think It's ghidorah

  2. olha se você não me ama então não me liga says:

    Tubarão novoooooo

  3. Who will be stronger
    This new shark or behemoth?

  4. I'm aware that is a Sea Nightmare Shark for me.
    But I'm not sure that New Shark might be weaker than Behemoth it possible!!😩😫
    Because Abyssal Shark is weaker than Shin Sharkjira and Cosmic Alan in my opinion.

  5. That New Shark 2022 Update will be released on September 12th 2022 I guess.

  6. That New Shark 2022 will be my 2nd Favorite Shark and Behemoth is my 1st Favorite Shark Hungry Shark Evolution.

  7. クラーケン(タコ型のサメ)ch says:

    I'm not scared The Cool Shark。 The New Monster Shark

  8. The bloop? It makes similiar sound. I hope it is the bloop

  9. It's just me or is that a tail?! This new mysterious shark seems… longer.


  11. it could be an evolution of lumnite or might be another kaiju shark

  12. This reminds me that this could be another boss or another shark monster.

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